Children’s Christian Books

Kate Austin

    The Author

ate Austin is a wife, mother, author, and valet for her animals. Born in 1960, she is one of four siblings, with Irish and Puerto Rican ancestors. She credits her father for helping her become the person she is today. He taught her everything she needed to know to succeed in life, including morals, a strong work ethic, the value of money and generosity.

As a young child, Kate spent Saturdays riding her bike to the local library – followed by a candy run to the five and dime store. Her father supervised weekly reading time to encourage Kate’s imagination and vocabulary, and often asked his children to read the dictionary or encyclopedia.

The family was fortunate to live close to Valley Forge National Park. Kate grew up an outdoor girl; winter, spring, summer,fall – there was always some activity to enjoy. She fondly remembers family outings – playing “King of the Hill” with her siblings, sledding, and kite flying. Additionally, her father privately arranged for his children to ring the “Justice Bell” at the Washington Memorial Chapel, (a replica of the Liberty Bell) a memory she hasn’t forgotten. As a teenager the park was a mecca for a generation without, cellphone’s, iPods and X-Box. As she matured so did her hobbies, she graduated to Frisbee, volley ball, fishing, to hiking the trails of Mt. Misery and Mt. Joy. Her two favorite locations, Statue of General Anthony Wayne and the Memorial Arch, constant reminders of the men who fought for our freedoms.

Kate is a self taught individual. After graduating from high school she held various positions before she settled in on a dream career. A field sales executive for a premier prestige fragrance and cosmetic company. She was blessed to have a job she loved, people she cared about, places to travel, and more makeup than a girl could play with!

Kate penned the beginning’s of Everlasting, on a store receipt in the fall of 2007.


And this is the promise,
that He promised to us everlasting life.
1 John 2:25