“From the City of Brotherly Love”
PHILADELPHIA, PA, November, 2011

“Let Salvation Ring!”

Author Kate Austin enthuses. “Here in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell was rung to summon people for special announcements. But now the Salvation Bell rings for those who don’t know God.” In Austin’s new book, Everlasting – The Kingdom Key, this Salvation Bell calls out to children of all ages.

Opening this colorful picture book, children and their parents are transported into a lush world where a cute, animated key (the “key to the Kingdom of Heaven”) explains the path to salvation and how to serve God by doing for others. Unlike so many other children’s books about God, Everlasting offers the big picture: Who Jesus is, how we can be saved, and how to spread God’s love every day of our lives.

Filled with child-friendly rhymes supported by Scripture and expressive, fun illustrations by artist Jason Paulhamus,  Everlasting pleases both kids and adults.

About the Author

Kate Austin is a wife, mother, author, and valet for her animals. She never, not ever- thought she’d be  a writer until inspiration hit her in 2007. After three and a half years of intensive study, training, and editing, Everlasting – The Kingdom Key was published.

About the Illustrator

Jason Paulhamus has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. Jason graduated from Messiah College in 1997 with a B.A. in Fine Arts and started his career selling paintings in galleries. Since then, he’s worked as an international freelancer. Jason lives with his wife and son, two cats, a bunch of fish and hermit crabs.

ISBN 9781606960721
November 2011, $19.99




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Kate Austin  ILLUSTRATED BY Jason Paulhamus



The Kingdom Key

The greatest love story ever told!

Narrated by the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, this illustrated picture book is sure to entertain children of all ages. The book introduces God’s love for mankind and His greatest gift of His only Son.

Written in rhyme and supported by Scripture, Everlasting – The Kingdom Key  delivers the message of The Good News straight from God’s heart.