Children’s Christian Book

Reviews of Everlasting the book

Initial What a wonderful classic children’s book to read to kids! Not only is it filled with beautiful pictures to capture children’s imaginations, it is also filled with God’s truths! I can’t wait to read this to my future grandchildren. It will strengthen and encourage them with the love of God.”

Kim Alexis
Supermodel, TV Host, Author, and Fitness Guru

“In verse appropriate for all ages, Kate Austin tells the story of God’s love for humanity from creation to the life, teachings, and atoning death of Jesus, to the gift of the Holy Spirit and God’s call to life in His Kingdom. Beautifully illustrated by Jason Paulhamus, each page features the figure of a friendly golden “key” that young children will enjoy finding.”

Pastor Steven Simpson, St. Paul’s UCC, Amityville, PA 19518

“Some people can make the toughest task appear simple. A professional golfer can make a golf swing look so easy. An actor can deliver a line that seems as natural as a warm breeze on a spring day.

Some people make it appear so simple. But then we try it ourselves and we know better. We swing the club or act out the line or read the book and realize this is no easy chore.

Perhaps that is why I have such high admiration for Kate Austin. What others do with a club or acting Kate does with Christian thought and writing for children in Everlasting The Kingdom Key.

There is nothing easy about a God given assignment. There are many challenges to wrestle with in an undertaking of this importance. The ability and desire to reach young minds for Christ takes grace, passion and a true touch of God’s love on Kate’s heart. I know He will bless the work He has done through her. Any reader who picks up this book will get a taste of the goodness of God. To His Eternal Glory.”

Matthew Simmons
Douglassville, PA

“The book is beautiful and a great concise story of God’s love for us.”

Pastor Liz Defrain
Boyertown, PA
Morning Star Fellowship

“This is amazingly beautiful; any child (or adult for that matter) would love to read or have Everlasting read to him or her.”

It reads with such magical rhythm, rhyme and chime it just sing/songs it’s way through in such a natural way. I loved this and wish you much luck.You have a gift to share.”

Patricia M.

“What a lovely spiritual book, brilliantly written and an inspiration for all “to love God!” There are so many great analogies of love and kindness, this should win the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’. Simply wonderful!”.


“Wonderful story. It’s easy and fun to read with your rhythm and rhyming, yet there is power in every line that reminds me of so many wonderful aspects of God and His love for us.”

Amanda K.

“As a preschool teacher, I know this genre is much needed! You present who God is in a way that children can easily understand.I can attest to the fact that even preschoolers have a hunger to know God and that they approach intimacy and personal relationship with Him more naturally than adults.”
Keep writing for His glory!

Wendie C.
Carlisle, MD

“You have all the love here. You are rejoicing in all God has given us and want to others to share in it.”


“Your words are filled with the Spirit. Every child should be so lucky to have someone in their life who would bless them with such wonderful, gentle, words of guidance.”


“I read your book with great interest, I understand it was for children and I think you have done a wonderful job – keeping it simple but getting the message of faith across in a beautiful manner.
I am sure that grown ups like my self shall enjoy it as well children,  I certainly did…Really charming.”

Stephen W.

“I’m no poet, but have read quite a few in my days. This is beautiful, every word used to express the fortunate place we live and the amazing place that awaits for those who live with God in their hearts. Terrific work!”

David R.

“Excellent book about God and His Kingdom. Thank you for your inspiration, and loving enough to give your talent to the Lord for children everywhere.”


“So sweet and enchanting. Parents will treasure this and read  Everlasting to their children.”


“Great book, and not just for children. We all can benefit from the great wisdom in it.”


“It’s got all the makings of a great book.”


“Excellent children’s book with a very adult message in its content. Words we can all live by.”


“A beautiful book! Great for Sunday school teachers.”


New Zealand

“A most remarkable piece of art. I have been blinded by the beautiful flow of words and the wonderful message.”

W.Carrolton, OH

“Simply wonderful! I love that you put the small details into every aspect of life that God has blessed us with.”


“Perfectly written for a child. Simple and easy to understand language. Everlasting, The Kingdom Keyit comes across in such beautiful way. Well done!”


“A heartfelt expression of your faith. I trust you will reach millions of children with your message. We have allowed too many ‘progressive thinkers’ to change the environment in which children must grow up. It is nice to see someone attempting to balance the scales.


“Really wonderful. Everlasting is a delight. It must have taken a painstaking effort to render the gospel message in such easy-to read form for the benefit of children.”


“Absolutely well done! A story set to rhyme, which also learns the child moral values – and of course the Lord’s prayer. A lovely combo and very easy for the child to follow.”


“You have outdone yourself. Just great! Beautifully written and very inspiring.
Well done, thanks.”


“I love the book! Austin uses the symbolism of nature to remind us of God’s glory, tells the story of Jesus from His birth to resurrection, and explains what that all means. She has inspiration from the Beatitudes, the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. Wow, it’s really packed full of teachings for young children, and all of it is told in a way that they will understand. She makes it seem so simple and true! Sunday School teachers could teach all year from this book!

Sandy Swann, Author
North Coventry, PA
Tugger The Pretzel Pup Series

“Every library and home should have a copy of Everlasting, The Kingdom Key. Teaching your children the word of God is so important. What a wonderful combination of talent and what an inspired work of art, from both author and illustrator. We all have been told there is inspired people in this world and this book just proves it to be true! With the colorful illustrations and the wonderfully written words you and your child will be truly touched. Everlasting, The Kingdom Key should be a part of every child’s childhood. This is a book to keep for generations to come!”

Ginny Karoub – Author
Grand Rapids, MI

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Kevin McCabe- Author
Belverde, TX

“Blessings to you, Kate for sowing Kingdom seeds into young hearts!”

Farifax, VA

“Beautiful job on this book! I am amazed to see how such spiritual depth was made simple for children to easily understand. I love it both in its melodic poetry, vibrant illustration, and in the presence of God being all over it!

Kelly Korsman                                                                                                                                                                                  Vero Beach, FL

“What an amazing book to start children out with. To share, read, and play with. Everlasting, The Kingdom Key. is a great way to open their eyes and hearts to the glory of God’s grace. Through the words and illustrations- they have the Key to His Kingdom.

D. Gammercone, Tampa,FL

“A very thorough presentation of the entire gospel in a forum that children can understand. The illustrations are bright and engaging.”

Sherry Wack
Audubon, PA

“This book is amazing both from a literature and a biblical view. The Bible doctrine in Everlasting, The Kingdom Key is one of the most complete that I have read in a long time.”

B. Franklin

“A wonderful book to read to my 5 year old. Everlasting is full of scripture and truths in the bible and tells not only a great story but delivers a great message. We have read this book many times since receiving it and have enjoyed it each and every time. The story is told in rhyme making it a fun book to read aloud. Perfect for a Sunday School class or Church Preschool. The illustrations are cute and inviting to children- bold, bright and full of color.

“Thank you so very much Kate Austin for writing Everlasting, The Kingdom Key. A wonderful and lovely book!

Shannon-Welcome to Our Wonderland

“What a meaningful & beautiful way for children to be introduced to the greatest love story ever told!
Thank you for sharing Everlasting, The Kingdom Key with the world.”

Many Blessings ♥ Tony Lo, NYC

My grandchildren and niece were both introduced to this book. It speaks to younger and older readers because of it’s simple yet powerful message. I also love reading it to them. It is a great way to reach out to share the message of salvation in a way that captures the readers attention through great illustrations and a clear message of who the King really is.

Beverly Parkinson, Boyertown, PA

“I love, love, love this book!!! You did such an amazing job. The illustrations are beautiful!”

Ariel Stonestreet, Phoenixville, PA

My kids and I loved reading this book! Great to look at, lots of details, and full of the Truth.

D. McCabe, Texas

“Poignantly written, and profoundly illustrated, this book packages the Gospel message in a treat for kids!!! Both reader and listener will be blessed!”

Kevin Ikeda, Washington, DC

Even my 2nd graders are loving this book!!
Though this wonderfully written and illustrated book may seem more for the “Little Ones” club- I decided to get the reaction of my seven and eight year old students. (2nd grade religious training program). What a surprise-the prose and pictures just captivated them and they can’t wait to get back to it each week. Congrats to both the author and illustrator-your collaboration has rendered a classic.

Key to a Child’s Heart.
“If you are a parent or grandparent, trying to open the heart of a child to spiritual things, you need to purchase Everlasting, The Kingdom Key. Children of all ages will love the colorful illustrations and fun rhyme. I highly recommend this book. Kate Austin did an awesome job. Not your typical Christian children’s book. It’s much more….. Buy it today. You’ll be glad you did.”

By Bonnie M. Holtz “Matriarch”


Applause for Everlasting, The Kingdom Key.                                                                                                             Ms. Austin has a gift for expressing scripture in a meaningful, practical, and easy-to-understand fashion. The creative and colorful illustrations are the perfect complement to the beautiful prose. Both children and adults will enjoy this book.”

Lynda S. Cherry Hill, NJ

“Check out this amazing children’s book. The illustrations are beautiful. Everlasting, The Kingdom Key. and gives such a clear picture to children of what it means to be a Christian. 

Nicole Parkinson, Douglassville,PA

“Everlasting” is without a doubt, the most beautifully written and illustrated book on the joy of God’s love for all mankind, and the joy of life everlasting. Thank God for your book to come into my door as it arrived in such a grand way! I sat down and it just unfolded into my spirit.  Your book is enchanting!”

Alison Gmelin, Westfield, NJ

“I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life.”
John 6:47